The Best Art Prints from Art Sale to Amuse Your Guests

The Best Art Prints from Art Sale to Amuse Your Guests

Posted by Adam Milne on 16th Jun 2024

When planning your next gathering, consider the powerful impact of wall art in setting the ambience of your home. With the right pieces, you can transform your living space into an engaging, stylish haven that reflects your personality and wows your guests. The Art Sale at offers an exquisite selection of canvas prints that are perfect for making that bold statement. Here’s a guide to the top 3 art prints that promise to captivate and amuse your visitors.

Smoking Ape

Step into a whimsical world where vibrant hues dance across the canvas, welcoming you into the playful realm of the Smoking Ape. This colourific masterpiece, a blend of cartoon charm and abstract allure, adds a touch of lighthearted joy to any space. With its funny demeanour and graffiti-inspired flair, this animal canvas wall art sale is sure to amuse your guests and spark delightful conversations.

Monkey with Headphone

This intriguing Chimp monkey, which comes outfitted with headphones and a cap, will allow you to completely lose yourself in the quirky charm of the world. This modern framed smudge portrait brings a playful touch to any space, guaranteed to spark joy and laughter among your guests. Delight in the intricate details of this animal canvas print, adding a dash of personality and vibrancy to your home décor. Let this adorable monkey with headphones serenade you into a realm of relaxation and amusement.

Bull Basenji Pug

With the artwork of the Bull Basenji Pug that is shown in this stunning canvas print set, you can completely dive yourself into a humorous charm. This art sale blends the distinct features of a Basenji, pug, and black bulldog adorned with bowties, specs, goggles, and even headphones. Picture them with a drinking glass in hand, adding a touch of humour to any space. Elevate your decor with this playful ensemble, sure to spark conversations and amuse your guests.


Revitalise your home with art that speaks volumes and turns heads. Visit to explore these and many other art pieces from our Art Sale. We're here to help you find that perfect print that not only amuses your guests but also transforms your space into a personalised gallery of style and expression. Why wait? Start your art journey with us today and give your guests something to talk about at your next gathering.