Top 20 Animal Prints to Count On

Top 20 Animal Prints to Count On

Posted by Shirley Jackson on 6th Feb 2021

Are you already in love with cute puppies, wild lions, giant elephants, petite sparrows, and other creatures of the animal world?

In the affirmative, we have an impeccable idea to give breathtaking looks to walls of your living room or that of your children’s room. Just pay an eye to the below-listed compilation of awe-inspiring animal canvas art prints that will leave you surprised just with a “wow” factor.

Lion cub

This lovely art print of a roaring lion playing with a cub is one of the incredible animal prints to decorate your living room walls.

Herd of horses

A very classic art print of a herd of running horses along with a sunrise, clouds, and grasslands is going to be a treat for those people who love to decorate the walls with the beauty of nature.

Angry lion

An exceptionally beautiful animal canvas wall art print of a wild roaring lion face is one of the masterpiece art prints to give your walls the royal touch.

Big elephant

A big walking elephant made with black and white shading animal canvas art print is surely going to make your guests “stop and stare”.

Black white horse

This very classic animal print wall art with black and white horse is the impeccable one to put on your walls in the drawing room.

Buffalo face

This art print of a buffalo face with colorful tints is going to be a much loved piece for people who look for something unique to decorate the walls.

Cartoon lion

A very cute lion adorning a crown made with golden color is undeniably going to add those cute charming vibes to the walls.

Cat tiger reflection

This art print of a cat reflecting like a tiger is the picture-perfect blend of future imagination, motivation and fierceness in one frame.


An animal canvas art print of Wild Cervids face that is found in almost every royal palace is a stunning pick for your living room walls.

Cute laughing zebra

What else other than an art print of two cute laughing zebras is going to catch the attention of the people when showcased on the walls?

Dapple fish

This wonderful art print of dapple colorful and golden fish will make your walls look like an aquarium so it is one of the top picks.

Fierce leopard

A very classic animal canvas art print of a fierce roaring leopard with all those bright colors is one of the masterpieces printed in itself to put on your living area walls.

Flamingo bird

This stunning art print of a beautiful pink color flamingo is surely going to be an eye candy for your guests.

Floral horn

A very beautiful art print of a deer with a baby having a floral horn which is a blend of nature’s beauty like butterflies, flowers, grapes, birds is impeccable to make your walls look charismatic.


This exotic art print of a leopard sitting in a grassland with bright blue eyes is amazingly stunning to make people turn their heads being one of the best large animal canvas prints.

Sea maid

A perfect blend of nature, beauty, water and a bright colored sea maid who is half immersed in water is seamless to decorate your living room walls.

Three crowned faunas

A very cute art print of crowned baby elephant, tiger and rhino is all set to clasp attention of your children for their room.

Two White horses

For people who love classic and simple animal wall prints to decorate the walls of their house, this one with two White horses is going to catch their attention for sure.

Wild elephant

A very lovely art print with the close-up face of a Wild elephant is exceptionally flawless to match with your black furniture in the drawing room.

Wooded hart

One of the best animal canvas prints, wooded-hart is a mesmerizing compilation of sun rays and forest along with being a stunning reflection of flora and fauna.

Pick any of the above canvas art prints and hang that on any of your home walls to get set for hearing the praises from your near and dear ones once they pay a look too.