15 Most Popular 3 Piece Canvas Art Styles

15 Most Popular 3 Piece Canvas Art Styles

Posted by Emma Anderson on 20th Jan 2021

Want to make your home walls set a style statement? In the affirmative, perfect accessorization of the walls with dazzling art prints can do the job.

Though every 3 piece canvas art print comes with a unique style and statement but nothing can beat the following picked pieces which bring positivity and creativity to the walls of your home.

Girls dance

Girls dance, an incredible 3 piece canvas art print of dancing girls painted beautifully with water colors is just so perfect to add more charm to monotonous colors and designs.

Golden green leafage

A classic art piece with dark green background , embellished with golden palm and leaf designs is perfect to choose as this 3 piece wall art print is a combination of classic and royal art piece.

Leafage ocean

A marvelous print of three piece wall art with a motivational quote and beautiful pastel colored painting of ocean and shore will definitely add more positivity to your living area.

Childhood time

This 3 piece wall art d├ęcor print is surely going to make people turn their heads , to look at the art prints showing doodle art of some of the best childhood moments .

Colorful countenances

These portraits of women wrenched with all the bright colors is an exception to make your walls more charming, vibrant with the perfect color splash.

Dame mouths

A perfect print of 3 piece canvas art with dramatic portraits of women alluring in white and black color can be an indispensable choice for people who like classic yet mysterious pieces of art.

Elizabeth eiffel towers

A vintage architectural art print with elizabeth tower, eiffel tower and empire state building from london, paris and new york is undoubtedly going to be a vintage treat for eyes.

Light bulbs

A beautifully painted light bulb holding little birds, pretty butterflies, flowers, dragonflies is all about nature vibes making walls more scenic and glorify.

Pug and westie

The best pick for dog lovers , this compilation of 3 panel canvas prints showcases the cutest combination of flora and fauna ; with colorful shades blooming in the background.

Red blue black

With the mesmerizing combination of all the primary colors at one place , this multi piece canvas wall art print will not let you worry about the background colors of the walls.

Romantic kisses

Away from all the common art pieces , this one has all the " love is in the air " vibes with three different couple portraits along with color splash rain..

Motley alhamdulillah

This set of multi piece wall art prints with doodle art showing masjid, rainbow, sunshine , clouds by using subtle and warm colors is perfect to bring bliss and optimism around your home.

Do work hard

With this intensely motivational piece of art with 3 different quotes in basic color is just an amazing pick to boost you up everyday along with adding a solid look to the walls.

African wenches

Among all the 3 panel canvas prints, these portraits of african women with shining makeup of pink, red and golden shades is definitely going to add a bold and strong yet different look to your walls, like nothing else.

Sunrise at sea

A 3 piece canvas set of series of sunset at the ocean, with sun rays beautifully reflecting water, the use of a perfect blend of colors to describe natural beauty is going to leave people awestruck with this piece of art.

The compilation of these 3 piece wall art prints is perfect to embed stars on favorite walls of your home or office. All you need to do is to choose the right place to hang these awe-striking pieces of wall art prints to gather the most praises.