5 Famous Artist's Prints Collection

5 Famous Artist's Prints Collection

Posted by Sara Taylor on 27th Jul 2021

There are several reasons why wall art in your home means more than just decoration. It brings color and life to your room, unlike other artificial home décor items. A beautiful print inspired by a famous painting is an example of creativity and the skill, effort, and time a person has put into it.

There is a story behind every painting that famous artists did. It may be challenging to find original art pieces because they are mostly kept safe in renowned museums and galleries. However, you can quickly bring home canvas prints that are inspired by artworks of your favourite artists.

You don’t have to look around for prints inspired by famous artist prints. We will help you find them in one place. Here are a few mind-blowing famous artist’s prints from our collection -

Portrait of St. John

Doménikos Theotokópoulos (El Greco) was a famous Greek painter whose portrait of Apostle John Evangelist became very famous. The painting inspires this print, and words fall short of describing this brilliant piece of art. It is incredible how the artist has captured the expression of St. John in this artwork. Besides, the detailing of colors and facial features makes it an excellent choice for statement wall art. It is undoubtedly a showstopper print, and there is no chance for you not to love this.

Beautiful blossoms

Vincent Van Gogh has been an idol for several artists, and this is a reproduction wall art print inspired by his work. Van Gogh was one of the best artists of the post-Impressionist Era, and this print is an example of his talent. Besides, the pattern of the print frame and the beautiful blue and white floral print is a perfect idea to upgrade your living room. Especially if you love lighter and cool hues, these beautiful blossoms can create a refreshing ambience in your room.

Life in the City

Ambrogio Lorenzetti was a master artist from the 13th century, and the Allegory of Good and Bad Government was one of his best works of art. This fantastic print set is inspired by Lorenzetti's famous painting featuring life in the cities during those times. Colorful vintage houses, people on the streets performing their daily chores is quite a cheerful picture. If you love vintage prints to style your living room, this is a stunning idea for it. The colorful print has minute details that are pretty amazing and can garner a lot of attention from guests visiting your home.

The Battle zone

The Battle zone is an excellent print that is a shadow of Battle of Abukir, an artwork by Antoine Jean Gros. He was a very famous French artist who lived during the 18th century, and this scene from a battlefield is one of his best works. Such beautiful Renaissance-style canvas prints can become the star of your house easily. So, let people talk about this brilliant print and appreciate your taste in art when you place it on one of your main walls.

Journey of Life

Mary Stevenson Cassatt and Marie Pauline Morisot were two of the first artists who started the trend of collage art that is still very popular. The Journey of Life is a mind-blowing collage print inspired by Cassatt and Morisot collages from the late 19th or early 20th century. The beautiful print features different moments in the life of two girls. If you are searching for an art print that you can place as a signature piece in your living room, this is the one indeed.


Whether you are an art expert or just an art lover, these beautiful canvas prints are surely going to impress you. While these are examples, you can explore the whole range on the website and add the best ones to your cart in a single click.