5 Inspirational Fine Arts for the Living Room

5 Inspirational Fine Arts for the Living Room

Posted by Emma Anderson on 5th Aug 2021

The living room décor is the most important aspect because this area is usually the face of your home. It means that we typically host people in the living room, and most of the conversations also take place here. On the other hand, the living room is what people notice first when they enter your house. So, you must choose the best wall décor ideas for your living room.

If you prefer modern décor, then we suggest you try adding some stunning fine art prints to your living room walls. We also have some ideas ready for you to start exploring:

3D fantasy

Abstract prints are the most suitable for modern homes, and this fantastic frame is the perfect one for your living room. The combination of black and gold is superb, and being a large print makes it an excellent statement piece. Besides, the 3D effect used in print creates a lovely visual against the room's main wall. Especially if you have painted the walls with mute colors, this print will enhance the look of the space even more.

Da Vinci Glory

Mona Lisa was one of the best works of the master artist Leonardo da Vinci and recreating it is a bold idea. However, change is the concept of life, and we should all accept the positive as well as the negative ones. Therefore, this mind-blowing Mona Lisa print is an example of the excellence of Da Vinci. This colorful version of the classic masterpiece can change the look of your living room single-handedly. Choose this frame to give your home the ultimate makeover and let people appreciate your taste in art. This print is nothing short of a head-turner, and there is no way you won't be impressed.

Magical Motif

Abstract prints can be of various types, and motifs can be pretty amazing if you are looking for something very creative. For example, this magical floral motif print comes in a set of five frames making for the perfect décor idea for your main wall. The set will cover the whole wall making it the center of attraction of the living room. Besides, the stunning combination of blue and gold is unique and upgrades the aesthetic of your home. You can keep the rest of the room décor simple and let the artwork grab all attention.

Tulips and Roses

Floral prints exude positivity, and investing in such a fine piece sounds like a great idea. This print featuring a beautiful bunch of tulips, marigolds, lilies, roses and other flowers is inspired by Italian artist Andrea Scacciati. You can spot so many bright colors in the picture that creates a cheerful vibe in the living room. Moreover, the specialty of such fine art examples is the subtlety of naturally vibrant colors. The background is muted, letting the object of the print grab attention. If you have a small living room, this print may be a perfect choice.

Zaandam Sky

Impressionism was one of the essential branches of fine art, and this print is inspired by the artwork of famous artist Claude Monet. If you are looking for inspirational prints for home décor, here is where your search ends! The beautiful portrayal of a cloudy day and natural beauty creates a very peaceful visual. Since we are all looking for some serenity amidst our busy lives, looking at a brilliant print such as this can refresh our minds.


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