Add Dimension to Your Walls with These Top 5 Gorgeous Three Piece Art Sets

Add Dimension to Your Walls with These Top 5 Gorgeous Three Piece Art Sets

Posted by Shirley MacLaine on 21st Jun 2023

Designing a room is a laborious affair as it requires patience, hard work, knowledge, and time. However, if you want a shortcut that will give you the perfect results, you should check out art sets. Artworks are a standard tool used for the beautification of homes as well as corporate spaces. They can level up a room's aesthetics and alter the house's look and ambience. But, to achieve the best results, you need to understand the requirements of your room. For example, small art prints will not look good in more significant, spacious rooms - you need to invest in 3 piece canvas art to give dimension to the room.

We have made a list of our top 5 three piece artworks for you to choose the ideal ones for your home!

Three Ballerina Dancers

If dancing is close to your heart, you will love owning an art set featuring three beautiful ballerina dancers. The postures in the artworks exude elegance and gracefulness. The warm-toned yellow-ochre background gives this set a modern look that will suit the contemporary decor of your home.

Three Magnolias

Flowers are always a cult favourite. Different flowers' beauty and symbolic significance make them the most famous home decor item. For example, Magnolias symbolise luck, nobility, and stability. If you want to spread such values, you should put up this art set of baby pink magnolias. They are charming and will add a touch of spring to your home.

Three Burlesques

It is a hassle to find cute animal prints for kids’ rooms. But you do not have to worry anymore, for we are here with the loveliest animal prints. These three doodle-like baby animals will liven up your nursery and add the right amount of artsy touch.

Three Ladies Face

Bold graffiti art can act as brilliant decor items for homes with a modern outlook. This set's bright, colourful patches and the added calligraphy will instantly illuminate any room. In addition, the grey backdrop gives the art set a classy and edgy look that will enhance the aesthetics of your room.

Do Work Hard

Calligraphy is a new trend in minimalist wall art. If you need mid-week motivation, you can put up art sets like these, which will drive you to work harder and achieve your goal. Wall art like this serves two purposes - they look great on walls and encourage every onlooker!


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