Art Hanging Ideas You Should Know

Art Hanging Ideas You Should Know

Posted by Elizabeth Taylor on 23rd Apr 2021

You have already got your favorite cute wall prints to hang on the barren wall but don’t know how to display them creatively, isn’t it? No matter how splendid the artwork is, if you miss out on displaying it correctly, then it fails to impress others with its mesmerizing beauty and grace. In this blog, we will be sharing a few useful art hanging ideas that will turn every empty wall into a focal point of the living space. Let’s take a read:

Create a Gallery Grid

Let your walls do the talking by exhibiting cute art prints of your choice in the gallery grid style. To achieve this look, make sure you select the assorted artwork of the same frame and sizes. Though people prefer to display the art of varied sizes and orientation, the grid style is one-of-a-kind and has a wow factor. This hanging idea will surely work wonders to enhance the beauty of your interiors.

Mix and Match with Other Décor Stuff

Along with decorating walls with cute wall prints, you can also fill the décor gaps with mesmerizing accessories and timeless objects, such as wall clocks, word art, decorative mirrors, fabric wall hanging with colorful tassels, ceramic plates, etc. A perfect blend of such phenomenal items will make the wall look extra captivating and interesting. You can hang the art print in the middle of such objects to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Make a Pattern

Simply hanging the artwork on a plain, white wall will not bring a massive difference in the way your interiors appear. But if you create a pattern out of the prints, then it will surely make the wall striking to look at. You can hang the prints in a vertical design, a heart-shaped pattern, square-shaped, and whatnot by creating such patterns on the wall with your favorite cute wall prints.

Hang it on the accent wall

Look at your blank wall as if it exists to conquer the world. Thus, make sure you use a different color on this particular wall to distinguish its look from the other walls of the room. These days, people use textured wallpapers as well to make the walls feel and look significant. To add a touch of aesthetics, hang an oversized wall art in the center and get ready to grab all the attention it deserves.

If you are not in favor of hanging artwork using a nail and hammer, then you can display these beauties differently. One can use picture ledges and shelves as well to showcase the print in a charismatic way. In addition, you can also rest it peacefully on a table with other collectibles and souvenirs.

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