Bring Your Romantic Side Out with These Artworks

Bring Your Romantic Side Out with These Artworks

Posted by Emma Anderson on 22nd Oct 2021

At the end of the 18th century, several artists started creating artworks on romanticism. The sense and emotions of an individual or a moment had been captured beautifully by the artist of that time. If you are fond of that style of art and want to bring the romantic side of yours, well, you can do that by purchasing some of the beautiful artworks based on romanticism.

In this particular article, we have specified some of the best romanticism-based paintings. So, without any further delay, let's get straight into it.


John Everett Millais drew this beautiful painting in the 19th century. A woman is relaxing in a water body while wearing a gown. Several plants can be seen on both sides of the water body. That is why it is often considered the best canvas print on romanticism.

Rock in the Forest of Fontainebleau

This artwork by Paul Cezanne is a conglomeration of several art forms such as cubism, romanticism, and impressionism. In the frame, a hilly area is presented, and the focus is primarily kept on a rock. Beside the whack, a tree with orange leaves can be seen, and a clear blue sky is visible in the background. These are the signs of the autumn season.

Albert Bierstadt Collage

Painted by following the realism style of painting, this canvas artwork is a collage of several artworks of Albert Bierstadt. In most of the prints, views of nature are presented like waterfalls, mountains. However, few animals and a portrait of an ancient human being can be seen in the bottom right corner. Overall this college will draw the attention of your guests.

Albert Bierstadt Collage I

Like the previous one in this list, this print is also a conglomeration of paintings drawn by eminent painter Albert Bierstadt between 1830 and 1902. The paintings presented here are 'Valley of the Yosemite,' 'The Oregon Trail,' 'the last of the Buffalo, ' and last but not the least 'Donner Lake from the Summit. All of the paintings used to make this collage depict the beauty of nature, and you can hand it anywhere in your house to look at and cherish the landscapes presented in the artworks by the painter.

Albert Bierstadt Collage IV

The main focus of this collage canvas art based on Albert Bierstadt paintings is two of his most famous paintings, 'The Marina Piccola Capri' and ' Donner Lake from the Summit. Other than the beautiful landscapes, two portraits of women in green background are also presented here, which creates the contrast that someone seeks while buying canvas artworks to decorate their place.

Final Words

By now, you must have a crystal clear idea regarding romanticism-based artworks; you should buy romanticism-based canvas art to embellish the walls of your home and office with them. Someone who can appreciate art will understand the value of these paintings. All of them are affordable, and you can count on them to elevate the standard of your interior decoration.