How to Care for Your Turquoise Canvas Art Prints?

How to Care for Your Turquoise Canvas Art Prints?

Posted by Victor on 17th Feb 2020

Congratulations on the purchase of a scintillating piece of turquoise canvas art from a highly trusted online art studio- bestartdeals. You must have been spending your days and nights admiring the mesmerizing beauty of this artistic creation hanging peacefully on the wall. Well, it might be accentuating the appearance of your home interiors right now, but will it continue to make your bland walls look beautifully dressed up in the coming years as well? Of course, it will if you know how to care for your turquoise canvas prints that are no less than your timeless possessions.

We do care for what we love, and thus, it’s worth a little effort to keep your artwork protected and in the best condition for many more years to come. A turquoise canvas wall art smeared with dirt, grime, fireplace smoke, or any filthy matter no longer serves its purpose, that is, enriching the impression of dreary walls. Therefore, it is essential for you to keep your turquoise wall canvas look like a brand new one forever.

Avoid the Sun Exposure

A painting showcasing a kingfisher is a visual delight. Make sure that you hang your turquoise canvas art on the wall that is out of the direct sunlight. If your canvas prints are too much exposed to UV rays, then it can cause damage to the wooden frame and fade or discolor the vivid colors of the paint with time. The excessive heat, sunlight, and humidity are the factors that might cause shrinking and expansion of the paint layer, which results in cracks in the paint. Simply try to avoid direct sunlight, and keep the colors of your artwork bright and intact.

Protect from Humidity

Isn’t this turquoise canvas wall art reminds you of your fascinating travel goals? If you want this artwork to keep feeding the travel bug lazing inside you, then take proper care of it. Avoid displaying this inspiring painting in bathrooms, kitchens, or unfinished basements where humidity can be a major problem. As it attracts silverfish, keep your art well-ventilated and dry to avoid such pests and dark spots. Moreover, extreme fluctuations in temperature can warp wooden stretcher bars and sag the cotton used in the canvas. To avoid this from happening, always hang your turquoise canvas prints in dry areas with low humidity and few temperature variations to ensure that they last a lifetime.

Gentle Cleaning

Let this refreshing canvas print spread its pleasant freshness in your abode for countless years. Wondering how to do that? Well, it is as easy as falling off the log. Gently wipe the prints with clean and soft cotton cloth with a little sprinkle of water. Just be sure that you do not spray too much water directly onto the print. A slightly damp cloth will work wonders. Never rub the surface too vigorously as you may end up scratching the coating. Do not use any liquid solvents and cleaners with lethal chemicals as they might harm the surface and paints used in the painting. They also cause damage to the protective coatings and laminates.

Now that you know how to safeguard your favourite turquoise abstract canvas artwork, you need not worry about your valuable treasures that you have so kindly invested in to upgrade your home decor. Is that a speck of dirt on your canvas? Don’t fret! You know how to get rid of it. 

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