Oversized Wall Prints to Cover Your Mundane Home Walls

Oversized Wall Prints to Cover Your Mundane Home Walls

Posted by John Wright on 17th Feb 2023

Why think small when you can be significant? Don't worry; we are talking about gargantuan canvas prints. Your home walls deserve a makeover. Covering your mundane walls with large canvas prints can be an excellent resolution to this concern. They will cover a vast area of your home walls and transform your interior decoration. Here we will present to you a list of such printed images.

Colored Macula Orb

We all want a simple life free of complications. But we only sometimes get the things we want, but we still enjoy them. Three canvases have been used here to deliver this simplistic idea. Each canvas has a white background. In the first canvas, a lady printed in black can be seen hiding her face from the audience, and her other hand is covering her private naked parts.

The minimalist artwork looks beyond amazing. As we all know, buying something can make us happy. But if the purchase is made with our own money and for us, that happiness is unparalleled. On the second canvas, life's motto is written in black letters, "Keep Life Simple." In the last canvas, another lady can see the complete joy of spring as she shops for something for herself.

Blue Eyed Beasts

To rule the jungle, you have to unleash the beast inside you. Lion, the king of the jungle, faces challenges from other animals. In some cases, the king also has to fight for his throne. The fight can be with yourself, or it can be with others trying their best to drag you down.

The entire canvas looks black and white except for the eyes of the beast, which are shining like blue sapphires. This oversized wall art is symbolic. The lions we can see in this five-piece wall art are mirror reflections. The message is loud and clear. To prepare ourselves for the outer world, first, we need to win the battle with ourselves.

Radha Krishna Leela

In this Madhubani-style art, Hindu god Krishna plays with Radha and other friends called 'Gopis.' Radha and Krishna are riding in a horse-drawn chariot. Apart from the central characters, horses, flowers, and trees can also be seen in a dark background.

Behind everything, there are trees with beautiful-looking flowers. Everyone seems to be enjoying their own company and looks happy, looking at the pure joy on the face of Radha and Krishna. You can hang this panoramic artwork on your walls for a divine feeling every morning. Just a glance can make you feel peaceful.

Final Words

We hope that you have liked all of our recommendations. We have handpicked a few from the thousands that you can find online. You can purchase any of the wall prints on a large canvas for your home decoration. The shapes and the number of canvases you will get with one purchase will vary, and you can choose according to your preference.