The Aesthetics behind Canvas Photo Prints

The Aesthetics behind Canvas Photo Prints

Posted by Emmy Rossum on 18th Jun 2021

Whenever you think of home decor, what comes to your mind? Strategically placed furniture, ornate decor items, color-coordinated bed sheets, and stunning pillow covers? But do these complete the look of your room? We often forget about wall decor- a part of the room that can potentially make or break an aesthetic room. So what should you consider while thinking about decorating your walls? Have a look into canvas photo prints.

Here’s all you need to know about them!

What are Canvas Photo Prints?

People generally confuse canvas photo prints with framed prints- the two are pretty different, not only in appearance but also in design and decor. Canvas photo prints are made by printing an image onto a canvas with an inkjet printer. On the other hand, framed artworks are handmade paintings that are framed for wall-hanging purposes.

Nowadays, many people opt for canvas prints due to their similarity to oil and acrylic paintings on stretched canvases. They give off an artsy feel, but you can always sense the modern appeal in their look. They are versatile and hence are gradually becoming a crowd favourite!

Why choose Canvas Photo Prints?

Once you sit to think, you will find many reasons to invest in suitable canvas prints for your home. Let us discuss a few:

Aesthetic rooms

The easiest and most hassle-free way of adding some aesthetics to your room is by introducing canvas prints as wall decor items. We all know that art in itself is an addictive and aesthetic affair- thus, keeping prints of the same will increase the room's gorgeousness.


Canvas photo prints are versatile. You get to choose from a wide range of variety that will cater to every room in your house- be it your bedrooms, living rooms, or even kitchen! Moreover, you get them in all shapes and sizes, depending upon your needs and preferences! So, you can get creative!


Actual artworks or framed photographs tend to decrease in quality with long-term use. The colors fade, the brightness dims, and sometimes, the paint might even chip off from the sides. But with canvas prints, you seldom have to worry about these problems. The prints have a long life of about 75 to 80 years!


There is no question about the pocket-friendly nature of canvas photo prints. These are all one-time investments, which do not need regular maintenance or spending after. Moreover, since they last long, you also need not worry about replacements! Thus these prints will never exceed your budget!

Suits contemporary decor

Canvas prints are a contemporary concept, and the prints are made keeping in mind the prevalent structure and design of most households. Thus you will inevitably get a print suitable for you. These will also seamlessly blend in with modern and contemporary home decor!

Tips for Choosing the Most Suitable Canvas Photo Prints for your Room

While choosing any particular canvas print for your home, you need to make a conscious decision. Though these prints are versatile, you cannot just put any print in any room. For each living space, you should select appropriate prints, which adhere to a particular theme. These canvas photo prints should also match the color scheme of the rooms you put them in. Too much contrast can make your room look clumsy and small. Sticking to the already existing color palette of your room and the other elements present in it, you can enhance your home's aestheticism.

If you are finally convinced and would like to look at a few gorgeous canvas photo prints, head over to our online store and add to cart every print that catches your attention! For fool-proof planning and execution, take the help of any professional.