Top 7 Musical Art Prints for Office Decor

Top 7 Musical Art Prints for Office Decor

Posted by Emma Anderson on 27th Jul 2023

The famous Shakespearean line "If music is the food of love, play on" has stood the test of time. Music, indeed, has proven to be a medicine for the soul. It can provide immense pleasure while healing many. If you feel deeply about music, incorporate it into your office decor. The office space generally has a more somber and sophisticated atmosphere. But you can still add life and vitality to your office room with upgraded decor. You can personalise the set of your office with the things that bring you joy. For example, add art prints that represent your likes and hobbies and feel the shift in energy in your office room.

We have carefully picked the top 7 musical art prints for office decor and are sure you will love them all!

Village Woman

Bring the charm and serenity of the Indian village life to your office room with this art print of a village woman playing a string instrument called 'Dotara.' The sepia tones and abstract floral patterns will add color to your office decor.

Traditional Rajasthani Musician

Rajasthan in India is rich in culture and heritage. Meaning 'the abode of kings,' Rajasthan boasts a loaded history in music and other art forms. This is apt if you want an art print portraying Rajasthani musicians' authenticity.

Guitar and Glass

Painted in 1912, this cubist painting by Juan Gris is for those who love music prints and modern art. It will add much-needed aesthetics to your office room while also serving as a puzzle to your inquisitive coworkers and clients.

Girl Playing Piano

Would you not love an art print of a lady in a red gown playing a grand piano against the backdrop of a global city skyline? It will give your office decor a touch of the magic of La La Land.

Big Guitar

Do you love playing to simply hearing the musicality of a Cello? Then it would be best to put this canvas print of a beautiful cello on your office wall. The intricate design will attract onlookers, and your colleagues will learn about your hobbies.

Music Band

If you own a record label or a music company, invest in this larger-than-life 5-piece wall art set. It features an entire band against a sleek black background, giving off classy and elegant vibes. It will set the right tone in your office room.

Guitar and Fruit Bowl on a Table

If you are looking for bright and eye-catching office decor, Juan Gris's 1918 painting of a guitar and fruit bowl is ideal for you. This painting from the cubism period will give a new edge to your office room.


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