​Top 15 Modern Art & Botanical Styles

​Top 15 Modern Art & Botanical Styles

Posted by Oshane Thomas on 16th Nov 2020

Your walls are a reflection of personality; let them enunciate style with Botanical and modern wall arts. Will you choose a cherry floral or modern graphics prints, introduce a neutral scheme and inject character into any room adding architectural detail. These bold and calming delicate trails reinvigorate a tired space with a splash of color and detail.

The modern art and botanical style trends stem from back to basics call to nature and demand to bring outdoors in urban homes where outdoor space is at a premium. Botanical and modern art trend clasps refreshing and revitalizing shades that add a modern touch and create a striking focal point, without committing to a permanent feature.

Botanical prints are a representation whose purpose is to show plants, leaves and natural trees in visually appealing ways. At the same time, Modern art with bold colors and geometric designs oozes the style and adds character without taking up surface space of your interiors.

Our collection is most delicate modern prints and richest botanical assemblages of plants that intensify the decor of your walls. The contemporary botanical portraiture diversity brightens up your home, and modern prints pack a punch of classical and youthful, cheeky and polished portraits. Synchronized well with your walls, these whimsical personalities filled patterns mesmerizes the eye and excites the mind.

Luckily, we have relieved you from burdensome tasks and shortlisted some artworks that take your room to the next level.

Paris Fashion Handbags

What could be more appealing than adding a fashion statement along with modern botanical prints? Beautiful photo print of mesmerizing flowers with a combination of stylish typography says "fashion Paris". Three-piece canvas wall art, appropriate grid arrangement can enhance the beauty of the living area and add unpretentious sophistication. Surprises your fashion is or gift, someone who is a fashion blogger, these prints are a sure way to please them.

Pink Peony Flowers

Splendid pink peonies bring the joy of summer and warm sunshine. Full and fluffy exquisite romantic peonies bouquet adds statement and can dazzle up your bedroom. Peonies symbolize good luck, fortune, prosperity and happy relationships. Spruce up your walls with pink peonies that combine warmth and decorative touch to your space. Botanical wall arts online can be engraved in a wooden frame giving an earthly and vintage touch to your walls.

Paris Perfume

The delightful Paris perfume prints elicit the scent of a fresh spring bouquet with peonies embellished on top. Perfume prints and peonies complement each other gracefully to create a romantic display. Perfumes symbolize sensuality, comfort and glamour while peonies recreate a sense of romanticism. The print at the entrance to the main bedroom suite with a wooden frame around would emphasize harmonious colors and striking artwork within.

Floral Head

An abstract botanical portrait of a lady evokes a modern twist to traditional floral prints. The delicate yet powerful pose depicts strength in a woman while blooming flowers on her head are associated with softness within. The bright colors and shadows highlight the vibrancy of flora against white, contrasting white spaces. Exploiting the bright hues in unusual composition and color harmonies, these abstract beautifully incorporated botanical wall arts online are sure to add to the decor of your living spaces.

Dark Green Plants

Create a calm and serene environment by including touches of green in your bedroom decor. These lively prints create a soothing space to help you recreate summary feelings round a year at home as if you are on a tropical vacation. The soft curves and organic shapes make a modern look a little warmer and depict renewal, hope and revival in your life.

Wild Leafage

Adding greenery to your entryway is a trend that never goes out of style. Solemn and serene, the sophisticated art prints give plenty of reasons for being hung in your living area. Fill the empty nooks with and recreate focal points by incorporating hints of green images. The simple yet class painting portrays victory, success, peace and eternal life.

Gold Leaf

In an elegant minimalist apartment bedroom, swinging the large gold leaf paintings directly on walls make them feel more polished and organic. The prints strike a balance between formal and casual schemes adding elegance into your hallway. Gold is a symbol of self-purification and the transition of the soul; the golden leaf symbolizes rebirth. Dark green background and golden leaves create a perfect backdrop and a playful gallery wall.

Vintage Girl

The captivating vintage girl print is an example of modern art. The artist shunned the rational world by embracing intense colors depicting grace, emotions and enigmatic appearance. Featuring blue vesture and plenty of colors, the print can bring a minimalist room alive. The vibrant green leaflets in the background rejuvenate the room and pop against a white background.

Hat Girl

Adorn your wall spaces with a quirky and trendy modern girl with long yellow hats covering her face. The piece of art evokes powerful emotions associated with sun and sand. Green leaves, sun hats soothes and relaxes your mind along with comfort. It could be a great art piece for your home or office.

Mealie Leaves

The punchy mealie leaves prints can add a stylish touch to any dining space. Not only it embraces the decor, but it can serve as a focal point. A few colorful leaves will bring a pinch of Mother Nature to your indoors. The slatey cloud background with beige and green leaves depict hope, renewal and revival. Every color of modern botanical prints from bright yellow to green offers a rich and meaningful story to your walls.

Lavender Blooms

The lavender blooms can prettify a space for many years. Pairing the lavender botanical shade would transform your walls into the atmospheric wilderness in an instant, enabling you to enjoy serene indoor and outdoor life as well. With a white background and gentle color shifts within the petals, the painting depicts dynamics between force and delicacy of the plants. Lavender is the color of royalty; it holds a sacred place in nature, considered to be most delicate and precious.

Green Girl

Add lovely yet simplistic traditional refinement with green girl prints. The green color scheme is an elegant art piece that can be a great addition to any room. With green paddle and woman as the focal point, it portrays feminine energy that stands out. The warm tone and hue combined, making the utterly charming and timeless piece.

Fashion Hand Bags

Create a feminine vibe in your home with a black-dressed lady with fashion handbags and abstract fashion print. Featuring a chic silhouettes scene with a fashion handbag that celebrates female figures beautifully touched with blush pink and white flower. Sophisticated pink and white peonies add romantic touch without being overly feminine, giving off a crisp and rich feel. This botanical wall art can be best embedded in your teen's bedroom or gifted to lady boss.

Leaves Sea Cost

Tropical green prints with bright and subtle colors can transform your living space. The pure beauty beach-inspired patterns remind you of sunny and bright holidays. Add a rare combination of beauty, charm and tranquility with a splatter of sea waves and palm leaves saplings. Colorful shaded textured botanical wall arts coastal prints can transport you to a seaside paradise instantly and satisfies the wanderlust traveler inside you.

Dark Green Ananas

Make spaces feel bright and refreshing with a lush green palette. Green pineapple highlighted with golden lining reflects fascination and pure elegance. Mixing up the style and shapes of frames, keeping them all the same finish is a great way to add interest without exaggeration on your walls. If you are stumped about what to hang on the walls, give these botanical prints a try.


Add some patterns to your home with mismatched frames embedded with sophisticated prints. Botanical art brings nature in your living space and connects you to the outdoors. From ferns to flowers and everything in between, botanicals are a great inspiration to be incorporated in any interior space. Recreate botanical-inspired prints that would add essential elements to your home decor.